Behind the Scenes at North Hills Animal Hospital & Resort

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North Hills Animal Hospital & Resort welcomes Dr. Charles Livaudais to the team. One of his goals is to write a monthly blog post discussing a range of veterinary-related topics, from medical or surgical procedures to behavioral issues. This blog will also provide a “behind the scenes” glimpse as to what it is like to work at an animal hospital.

The Vision for North Hills Animal Hospital & Resort

As those of you who have been to North Hills Animal Hospital & Resort can attest, Dr. Lora Evans has built a large and beautiful facility. Dr. Evans’ stated intention in building this animal hospital is to provide outstanding and personalized care in a luxurious facility designed to make your beloved pets feel at home. The same concept is summarized in our motto as Modern Medicine, Old Fashioned Care.

Modern Medicine

Our goal is to offer our patients state-of-the-art medical and surgical services. Our exam rooms, surgical suite, laboratory, and treatment area are designed with that specific purpose in mind. We do our very best to explain the reasons behind our medical recommendations as well as the value of a particular test or procedure. At the same time, we recognize that our clients are usually paying for their pets’ medical care from their discretionary income. We can work with you to provide the best care possible within a given set of financial parameters.

Old Fashioned Care

The concept of Old Fashioned Care can best be summed up in the word “personal.” North Hills does not follow the recent trend of veterinary clinics that seek a high patient volume with rapid room turnover and limited time for clients to speak with the doctors. Instead, we intend to provide personalized care and attention to patients and clients alike. We want to know you and your pets, and we take it personally when your animals are not doing well. Appointments are scheduled for at least 30 minutes so we can address all concerns and questions you may have. We ask our entire staff to maintain the same high standard of customer service. Our goal is to exceed expectations in all aspects of your experience.

North Hills Animal Hospital & Resort is about two years old now, which is still quite a new hospital. We are in a stage of very strong growth and we strive to maintain the highest standards for medical care and customer service.

Behind the Scenes at North Hills Animal Hospital

Has a veterinarian or technician ever told you they were taking your pet to “the back”? Have you ever wondered what this mysterious “back” might be? Basically, “the back” refers to the treatment area. This is the place within an animal hospital where we can obtain samples and perform in-house tests, administer medications, and perform non-anesthetic procedures. It is also the place where you can usually find the veterinarians and most technicians during the day. The treatment area at North Hills Animal Hospital & Resort is quite large and expansive. Our treatment area is located in the center of the hospital – another reason we promise not to use the term “back.”

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